Re: Lomes of Skidel #lithuania

Eilat Gordin Levitan

On 3/20/06, nina bunin <> wrote:
Is Skidel in the Grodno
Gubernyia in this SIG or in Belarus? My grandfather considered
himself a Litvak.
Skidel is today in Belarus. It was in Poland between 1921- 1939. When
your grandfather was born it was part of the Russian empire ( Poland
and Lithuania were also "Russia" for more then a 100 years, until the
first World war). My mothers' parents were born in Kurenets ( not far
from Skidel) Kurenets was part of the Vilna region until 1939.
A distant cousin of mine told me that when she asked her mother where
she was born ( c 1900) she said; "Kurenets, Russia". She asked her
where she immigrated >from ( c 1925) her mother said; "Kurenets,

She asked her where is it on the map? her mother said "Kurenets was in
the Vilna region- look for Vilnius, Lithuania" The daughter said;
"Don't you know what country you are from? The mother refused to talk
about Kurenets after that.

Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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