Ralph SIMANSKY (Yerachmiel ben Yekutiel) b 1889, Suwalk Poland->Manchester #lithuania

Leif Eriksson <leif.e.a@...>

Looking for the place of birth for Ralph SIMANSKY (Yerachmiel ben
Yekutiel) b 1889, Suwalk, Poland > Manchester (a1905), SIMANS, 17
Huxley Ave. Cheetham (1914 –56).

I am helping my father in law, Leslie SIMANS at Manchester, born 1917,
to trace the roots of his father and his ancestors. His father, Ralph
(Yerachmiel ben Yekutiel), SIMANSKY, born 1889 in Poland/Russia, married
Sarah HYMAN 1 Sep 1914 at Manchester Central Synagogue,Cheetham Hill Road.
Her parents were David HYMAN and Amelia SINGER at 225 Cheetham Hill Rd.
David Hyman were born 1863 at Wolkovitch=Vaukaviski (nowadays Belarus),
Suwalki Gubernika in Poland. Ralph also came >from Suwalk Gubernia and
we belive that he may have been born around a town called Sejny. His
father was (Ye)kusiel and his mother Sara (Tsirele). Ralph had one
brother (Hana(h) (Chane) Itzshke) and one sister Haya (Chaja) Peshke
that we aware off– but unfortunately we do not know their respective
year of birth.Ralph arrived to Manchester around 1905-10, and before
his marriage, he stayed with a couple named BERMAN, who may have been
relatives or friends to his family in Poland/Russia

I would be very grateful for whatever assistance and/or guidance you
are able to give me with the further tracing of the ancestors of
Leslie Simans.

Leif Eriksson (JGFF 149276)

Gemla, Sweden
Alternative e-mail: leif.e.a@...

Researching:(Ye)Kusiel S(h)IMANSK(i)Y, born about 1865 Poland/Russia,
Rachmiel SIMANSKY, b 1889 Suwalk - Manchester, UK (d 1956) David
(Chaim) Khayam?, b a1865 Wolkowich=Vaukaviski -Manchester; BERMAN
Poland - Manchester

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