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Sharon Avraham <shouav@...>

Hi Listers

I have joined the Litvak list because I think that I have suddenly found
(although my mother always said that they were Litvaks), that my
ggrandparents are Litvaks. They were Rachel and Barnett Spitalsky.
According to an elderly cousin of my father's they came >from a place called
Grodner Yarnova, the only place I can find that is near this name is Janova.
Can anyone confirm to me that this is the same place? If not, has anyone
heard of this place/town/city/shetl. I could not find any Spitalsky's in
Janova, on the lists that are available. My ggrandparents were called
Eliyou and Annie (nee Mofsky) Spitalsky. Should anyone be able to help I
would be most grateful, with this information I actually made a breakthrough
in my research, I found where and when that Rachel and Barnett were buried!
According to my father's cousin they also arrived in England in 1892!!

Any help, information or comments, would be most most gratefully

Hug Samach to everything.

Sharon - Netanya, Israel
Researching: Spitalsky, Spitallen, Keminic, Kenwick, Segal, Segalovitch,

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