Re: Grodner Yarnova #lithuania

Eilat Gordin Levitan

On 4/12/06, Sharon Avraham <> wrote:
According to an elderly cousin of my father's they came >from a place call
ed Grodner Yarnova, the only place I can find that is near this name is
Dear Sharon,

Grodno Guberniya was once considered part of Lithuania (today, the
main part of the region is in Belarus). I think that "Grodner Yarnova"
is Grodno (region) Janow(a).

Checking Cities and Towns in Grodno Guberniya;

It might be one of the two;
Janow-Sokolski Sokolka district, Grodno Gubernia 53&deg; 28' 23&deg; 14'

Ivanovo (Janow) Kobrin district, Grodno Gubernia 52&deg; 09' 25&deg; 32'

If you check reports to Yad Vashem you would find places that sound
like Yanowa in a few areas. Some are near the city of Grodno.
Happy Passover,
Eilat Gordin levitan
Los Angeles

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