Rammaeiles yeshiva #lithuania

Aryeh Lopiansky <alop@...>

Log on to www.spielbergfilmarchive.org.il
<http://www.spielbergfilmarchive.org.il/> and then click on "virtual
cinema" and then "Jewish communities" and one can find a film taken in
Vilna in 1939. In it there is a short take on the Rammeiles yeshiva.

Also, the yeshiva still exists today in Jerusalem. The Rosh Yeshiva is
Rabbi Berniker, son-in-law of Rabbi Gustman who was the Rosh Yeshiva in
Vilna, and then after WWII reestablished it in NY and then in its
present day home in Jerusalem. Rabbi Berniker speaks English. He would
be happy to provide further info about the yeshiva. Please write me
privately for his telephone number.

Aryeh Lopiansky

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