Different families that live together are probably related #lithuania

Ziegelman <zieg_exp@...>

When different families share the same registration number on a revision
list, it means they live in the same dwelling. >from my experience that
usually means that the different families were related. Sometimes in the
comments column of the revision list the relationship is noted.

For example, if I recall correctly, on the 1850 revision list for Kurenecs,
in the Kukelstein home there lived an entire family named Alperovitch. In
the notes column, it says that the father of the A. family, Benjamin, was a
nephew of Ms. Kukelstein. That means that Benjamin was a son of a brother of
Ms. Kukelstein. It furthermore means that Ms. Kukelstein was a nee

Regarding my own research, in the early 19th century, my Misli family lived
in the Vaad residence. I guess that Ms. Misli was related to the Vaads.

Kind regards,
Andi Alpert Ziegelman
Mishler/Misli in Ukmerge
Sukkot/Shochet in Kavarskas, Moletai, and...
Alperovitch in Kurenecs, Postawy, and Vileika

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