Litvak SIG Election #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Due to the length of time that has passed since there has been an
opportunity to have a Litvak SIG election, perhaps it would be a good idea
to provide the following information to the membership or those interested
in the Litvak SIG and its future.

1. Copy of Litvak SIG By-Laws.

2. Description of open positions for election.

3. Job descriptions.

4. Current Board members, if they are eligible to run again, and what
position are they running for.

5. Who will be eligible to vote?

6. How will individuals vote and in what manner will they vote, i.e.,
e-mail, actual ballots, etc. Where will they vote, i.e., prior to the
Conference only or at the Conference or both? What are the dates for the
votes to be accepted?

7. Who will be in charge of counting the votes? It should be a
disinterested party.

To have a viable election, basic information such as the above would help
those who will be voting to make informed choices.


Ann Rabinowitz

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