JGSGW - June 11 - Joint Meeting with JGSMD #lithuania

Marlene Bishow

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington will hold a joint meeting
and potluck luncheon with JGSMD

on Sunday, June 11, 2006
at 1:00 PM
at the
Potomac Community Center
11315 Falls Road
Potomac, MD

This is a members-only event and will include the Installation of Officers
for JGSGW for 2006-7.

Guest speaker: for the event will be

Schelly Talalay Dardashti,
noted Jewish genealogy journalist and President of JFRA Israeli
Genealogy Society. Her topic will be
"Making Connections: Every Genealogist's Dream."

Schelly knows first-hand how leads to information about one's ancestors can
come >from the most unexpected places. In the midst of one talk in Israel, as
she was answering a question about the myth of name changes, when an elegant
Indian woman in the front row broke in, "You know, the Menashe in Bombay
were Dardashti." In shock, she replied, "Don't move. We will talk later."
And they did, until 2.30 AM; determining that her husband's grandfather was
the missing brother of Schelly's husband's grandfather. We pieced together a
story of four wives, the Baghdad branch moving to Bombay, and added 400
descendants to the tree.

When she first broached the concept of a genealogy column to the Jerusalem
Post in 1999, the editor asked "Who's interested in dead people?" Following
the initial appearance of It's All Relative (IAR), which ran twice-monthly
through last year, a slew of emails, letters and faxes proved that the
audience was large. With online exposure, international readers' letters and
comments jumped exponentially.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti is a native New Yorker now living in Tel Aviv. She
is a freelance journalist and Jewish genealogy contributor for
www.ynetnews.com. She is a member of the Association of Professional
Genealogists (APG) and American Jewish Press Association (AJPA). Credits
include JTA, Reform Judaism, Outlook, NGS News, Avotaynu, many North
American Jewish publications. Schelly co-teaches two online Jewish genealogy
classes (Ancestry.Com/My Family.com). She taught Jewish genealogy courses
abroad, speaks in Israel/abroad to community groups/genealogy societies,
hands-on Jewish genealogy
workshops including a Farsi-language program. Her credits include
presentations at annual conferences: of the International Association of
Jewish Genealogy societie in London, Toronto, Washington and Las Vegas, and
is part of the Teaching Genealogy to Adults
panel at this summer's New York convention. .

Marlene Bishow
Program Vice President

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