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Annette Gueron <menogu59@...>

I am searching for descendents of Abe Moston (was Avraham Aizicowitz)
from Grodno - Belarus. I discovered him on the British Census of 1901
residing in London, he later emigrated to the USA. Two of his sons names
were, Maurie and Leonard.

Leonard Moston had a Jewelery store on 7th/47th Avenue in N.Y. The store
was there in the 1970's. There was also a daughter, Doris. She moved to
Atlanta, Georgia about 70 years ago.

Abe Moston was one of 12 siblings born to David and ? Aizicowitz.
Abe's brothers who also came to the USA were: Benny, Sam, Jo, Chaim.
His sister Genia - Jenny - was the first to arrive in the USA, she
married ? Rosenthal and lived in Boston. Jenny's daughter is named Sadie.

Michael & Shevack remained in the UK.

As far as I know, all the brothers changed their family name >from
Aizicowitz to Moston, Covitz, Codman and Isaacs.


Annette Gueron

Lapid - Israel

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