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Jerry Zeisler <jzeisler@...>

Although the index to the AJYB is searchable, the index is not perfect. My
great-grandfather, Rabbi Joseph Zeisler, is listed in the 1922-1923 book on
page 103 (Appendix IV, Necrology), but there is no listing for his entry in
the index. I've tested this with several names and it appears that there is
an index listing ONLY if there is a bio associated with the name. The index
doesn't cover a name in the Appendices if that's the only entry.

Therefore, don't be discouraged if the name you are searching for doesn't
appear in the Index. Search in the books for the name in the appropriate

Jerry Zeisler
Leesburg, Virginia USA

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I have been asked to expand on my comment about the searchable nature of the
American Jewish Year Book which is online at . Each
volume of the AJYB is in a searchable PDF format. Once opened, the volume
can be searched for any text of your choosing within Adobe Reader by
selecting "Search", entering your search criteria and letting Adobe Reader
do the rest. Just be advised you must have the exact spelling for this to
work. The spellings I have encountered for towns of interest to Litvaks
include Vilna, Kovno and Gedrovitch [this one was new to me]. It is useful
to do a search on Vilna and Kovno even if these are not your towns of
interest, because in many cases, other towns are listed as [town, Kovno
gub.] or something similar. A search on Kovno and Vilna would therefore
capture most instances of other Lithuanian towns.

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