Can't locate information from index card #lithuania

Ava <spirit-images@...>

The national archives sent me a copy of an index card, because
naturalization records were unreadable. The index card states that Mark
A Sulkowitch arrived July 1, 1883 in New York, NY. It says he was born
Oct 16, 1875. I thought it would be easy to go to the Morse site and
find information about his arrival in the US, but I can find nothing at
all using the information they gave me.

He should have been traveling with his mother and siblings. The only
thing I can think of is that the last name is very different on the
manifest. Does anyone have any ideas on which direction to go in to
find the information?

A. Sulkowitch


Sulkowitch/Rubinsky/Gutman- Kopchova
Shershevsky- Byten
Berman- Simnas
Lasdaisky-? Lithuania

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