Information from NARA #lithuania

Ava <spirit-images@...>

Is there anyone at a (National Archives) NARA site who could look up
one piece of information?

My great grandmother Chaya Sulkowitch and her children came to the US
from Kopchova, Lithuania. There is a ship called the Indiana that
arrived at Philadelphia on July 1, 1884. The fee genealogy site did not
record the page on the manifest which told where the people were going.

If I knew where the people were going, I could tell if this is the
family that I am looking for. If you can help please respond privately
and I can provide you with the information needed to locate this entry.

Thank you

A. Sulkowitch

Sulkowitch/Rubinsky/Gutman- Kopchova
Berman- Simnas
Shershevsky- Byten

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