Litvak SIG Dues #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Dear Litvak SIG:

Can I get a clarification regarding Litvak SIG dues:

1. Must you be a dues paying member to vote in the Litvak SIG election?

2. If so, how much are Litvak SIG dues?

3. When is the deadline for payment of dues in order to vote?

4. Can you pay the Litvak SIG dues at the Conference and still be eligible
to vote?

5. If you can pay at the Conference, when, where and to whom can you pay
the dues?

Ann Rabinowitz

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Election Chair Eden Joachim will answer questions about
the election within the next few days, but to try to answer some of Ann's
questions: One must be a dues-paying member in good standing to vote in the
election. LitvakSIG dues are $36 per year. They may be paid at the
conference, and there will be a table set up at the beginning of the
meeting to accept dues for those who have not yet paid them but wish to

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