Family Zulty #lithuania


I am trying to research my family and would appreciate any help you can
offer to find out what happened to my relatives during the Second World
War. The family members I am trying to research were Smuelis and
Nechama ZULTY. I do not know their exact residence before WWII, but in
1942 they were imprisoned in the Vilnius Ghetto. Smuelis was born in
1915 , was a baker and would have been 27 years-old when put in the
ghetto. Nechama was born in 1929, was a tailor/seamstress, and would
have been 13 years-old when put in the ghetto.

I know little about where my ZULTY family came >from but I do know that
some of the family came >from the Minsk guberniya and others >from the
Tiktin/Tykocin area. My grandfather, David ZOLTY, was born in Radomsko,

I am French and my English is limited. This message I am posting was
translated for me. If you can reply to me in French, it would be
greatly appreciated. If you do not know French, then I will have your
replies translated. I mention this because the language issue limits my
ability to quickly and efficiently utilize the Jewishgen website. In
advance, thank you for your help.

Franck d'Almeida-Zolty

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