Ballot for LitvakSIG Election and Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws #lithuania

Eden Joachim <esjoachim@...>

As promised, this message is being sent to inform you of the nominees for
upcoming LitvakSIG election on Monday, August 14 and the proposed amendments
to the current Bylaws.

The proposed amendment, submitted by Mike Posnick is:

That the Litvak SIG By-Laws be amended to provide for a board of directors
with a fixed membership of nine (9) directors, all of whom shall be elected
the members of the SIG.

This proposal will be voted on prior to voting for the nominees to the board
since its adoption will alter the size of the LitvakSIG Board of Directors
determine how many of the nominees are considered to have been elected.

The list of nominees for the Board of Directors is, in alphabetical order by

Carol Coplin Baker __________

Judy Baston __________

Deena Berton __________

Judith Langer-Surnamer Caplan __________

Ada Green __________

Jose Gutstein __________

David B. Hoffman __________

Richard H. Hoffman __________

Merle Kastner __________

Howard Margol __________

Scott Noar __________

Mike Posnick __________

Aaron Roetenberg __________

Olga Zabludoff __________

You may vote for as few or as many nominees as you choose. If you will not
be attending the meeting, and are a member in good standing, your email
should be sent to me at Email votes must be
to me no later than midnight, Eastern Time, Sunday August 13.

If you will be attending the meeting, please do not submit an email vote.
Ballots will be provided at the meeting.

Thank you,
Eden Joachim
Election Chair

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