translation help #lithuania

MALCOLM COURTNEY <malcolm.courtney@...>

I would be most grateful if any kind person could
please translate 2 documents which I have posted on
Viewmate: VM8605 and VM8606. Both relate to my
great-grandfather but the translation given me by the
Latvian State Archives amounts to only 4 lines for the
first document and 2 lines for the second, although
both documents are longer in their original languages.

I am hoping that there may be other crucial
information hidden away which might prove invaluable
to me! The first document appears to be in Russian,
but I am unsure about the second one. Please respond
to me privately. Thank you very much.

Geraldine Courtney, Hampshire

Researching Mark, Yacobso(e)n [Latvia, Lithuania,
Prussia, Estonia]
Sztejnchauer, Hausza [Poland, Russia]
Strauss, Coh(e)n [Manchester, South Africa]

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