Fate of Smuelis and Nechama Zulty #lithuania



Smuelis Zulty and Nechama Zulty were prisoners in The Vilnius Ghetto in May

Nechama Zulty was born in 1929, he was a tailor. Smuelis Zulty was born in
1915, he was a baker.

I don't know if Nechama and Smuelis escaped The Vilnius Ghetto.

I would know their family because I think they were related to my family.
Too I would like to know their fate.

I would also like to know where Smuelis Zulty came from? Where did he
live before he was prisoner in the Vilnius Ghetto, in May 1942?

Best regards,

Franck d'Almeida-Zolty (Zulty).
4, avenue de la Paix
02100 Saint-Quentin

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