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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

It is a good idea to check the resources on JewishGen and elsewhere
before posting an inquiry and other Internet resources.

You would have found:

1. Zulty family who lived in Gombin, Poland according to an old registry
book: Jonas, 1842, Chaim Mayer, 1862, Sender, 1865, and Mortka, 1868.

2. Leon Zulty, arriving >from Hamberg to NY, August 24, 1906, on the SS
Batavia, male, age 18, single >from Kalisch, Russia which is now Kalisz,
Poland, located near Lodz.

3. Zulty is the Polish word for yellow.

4. According to Alexander Beider, the family name of Zulty or Zolty comes
from Poland >from the towns of: Kolno, Mazowieck, Sierpc, Konskie, Opoczno,
Wielun, Rawa, Nowo-Radomsk, Wloclawek, and Lowicz.

It may be that the Zulty family in the Vilna Ghetto may have originally been
of Polish origin and lived for a short time in Lithuania/Poland.

5. There was a Philip Zulty, born February 27, 1899, in Russia, whose
mother was Emma Zulty, who lived in Chicago in 1918. Also, an Adolph Zulty,
who lived in Baltimore, MD, in 1930, and whose parents were >from Poland.

6. The JGS of Great Britain has a listing >from the Yizkor Book for Kalish
(now Kalisz), Poland which includes the following:

Zhulty, A., c. 1890, Helper at the Jewish Hospital in late 1939.

Zolty, Haya, c. 1890, an Israeli founder of Kalish HOuse in 1955.

Zolty, Leizer, c. 1900, a founder of the Non-partisan Kalish Relief in USA
in 1934.

Zolty (Zulty), Gad, c. 1890, a founder of a Kalish Club in Palistine in
1925. Collected for the Memorial Forest in 1952. Member of the Kalish
House Committee in 1955. Member of the Council of the Tel Aviv Organization
of Kalish and District Landsleit.

There are many more things which you can follow up on to obtain information
on your family and those who may be related to you in Poland such as
searching the JRI-Poland Database at

Good luck,
Ann Rabinowitz

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