Seinai Internal Passport Records, 1919-1940 #lithuania

Howard Margol

The Seinai Internal Passport Records, 1919-1940 are in the process of being
translated into English. In order to complete the translation of all of the
records, funding is needed. Individual donations of a minimum of $100 will
receive an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the Seinai Internal Passport

There are many advantages to seeing all of the records, in one spreadsheet,
as opposed to searching for a surname in a database. Having the Excel file
allows researchers to sort the data by various fields, as well as to find a
name they may have forgotten they were even looking for or, an ancestor they
did not know existed.

One column in the Excel spreadsheet is titled, "PLACE OF BIRTH".
Some of the main towns listed are, Seinai, Lazdijai, Kapciamiestis,
Jurbarkas, Varena, Seirijai, Veisejai, Leipalingis, and small villages
and estates in the Seinai Uyezd.

Even though the Internal Passport Database is hosted by JewishGen, the
records will also be added to the LitvakSIG All-Lithuania Database (ALD).
However, these records will not be added to the LitvakSIG ALD for nine or
ten months, so that is another reason to make a donation now and receive
all of the records.

Contributions to LitvakSIG
by check or credit card are tax-deductible as provided by law. Mail
contributions to LitvakSIG, inc., ., File 50194, Los Angeles, CA 90074-0194

Contribution forms may be faxed to 717/815-0082. Be sure and mention that
your donation is for the Seinai Internal Passport records and include your
name and email address.

Howard Margol
Coordinator, Lithuania Internal Passport Project

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