1923 Lithuania Census #lithuania

Howard Margol

Peggy Freedman informed me about a statistical abstract of the
1923 census in Lithuania, in the American Jewish Yearbook for 1930.


This is a link to all the year books. Go to Volume #32 for the year 1930.
Open it, and click on "Statistics of Jews, Supplements".
In Adobe Reader, go to page 28 of 33 (this is page 276 of the original
book) and you should be at the article "Appendix F, Jews of Lithuania,
Census of 1923".

The direct link is:

Appendix E is about the Jews of Latvia.

As mentioned, the data in the Yearbook is only statistical in nature.
In the hope that the complete 1923 census still exists, I contacted
the Director of the Central Archves in Vilnius. To my disappointment,
he informed me that the census no longer exists.

Howard Margol

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