Re: Siaulenai data #lithuania

Carol Baker

The LitvakSIG All-Lithuania Database (ALD) has 719 records for Siaulenai
from the 1858 revision list and 177 records >from the 1866 additional
revision list. In addition, the Siauliai District Research Group has
distributed 149 records >from the 1827 revision list to qualified
contributors but this data will not appear on the ALD until sometime later
this year.

The 1765 and 1784 revision lists have not yet been ordered.

If you are interested in joining the Siauliai District Research Group
(which includes the town of Siaulenai), please contact me privately.

Best regards,

Carol Baker, Coordinator
Siauliai District Research Group.

Tamar Dothan writes:

anyone know if there is data for Siaulenai >from an earlier census in the
19th century? Has LitvakSig exhausted all the available census records?

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