Lecture Vienna 8 March: Story of a Children's Colony, 1939-1944 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I have, just in time, come across this announcement.
Hopefully one or more of our Viennese SIG members
might be able to go along and report for us?

Dr Vera Friedlander [Berlin] gives a book presentation
on "The Children of La Hille" - The Story of a
Children's Colony, 1939-1944.

Ursula Stern is the moderator

100 Jewish children >from Germany and Austria fled from
occupied Belgium to S. France in goods wagons with
their young carers. They found refuge in the foothills
of the Pyrenees in the abandoned Castle "La Hille".

Thanks to the help of the French peasants, the Swiss
teachers and the Red Cross most of the children

Vera Friedlander tells the moving story of this
Children's Republic; a story of painful partings, fear
of discovery, happy games, resistance and "joie de

Venue: Institut fur Wissenschaft und Kunst
Seminar Room 3
Berggasse 17, Vienna 1090 tel 43-1-3174342


Celia Male [UK]

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