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Edna Hoover

Perhaps someone can help us locate information on the Ha-Levi
Shushin/Shushan/ Shoshan/Shoshen/Shushen/Suchin branch of our family which
appeared in Safed, Palestine in the early 1800's. They are listed in David
Tidhar, Entsiklopedia le-Halutsei ha-Yishuv u-Bonav (Encyclopedia of
Pioneers), Hebrew (1947), p.154-155, p. 121.

We have a family photo which shows Hannah, wife of Shmuel Rohald and mother
of our great-grandmother Hayy' Gittel. The same family album contains a
printed wedding invitation dated Sept 10, 1897, which refers to Hannah
Rohald as the mother of Hayy' Gittel. She is listed in Tidhar as the
daughter of R' Shlomoh Ha-Levi "Shushan" me- Kalavaria. This R' Shlomoh
was also known as Ha-Rashbah Mehaber Bi'ur 'al Ha-Rambam. His father was
Hanokh Heinokh "Shushan" me-Kalavaria. She would have been born before 1860
and appears to have resided in Zichron Moshe, Jerusalem in 1916.

I haven't really been able to verify the family name. I'm assuming that it
just refers to the place of origin and that they were known as Ha-Levi in
Lithuania. This makes it very difficult to locate any records.

Edna Hoover
Brooklyn NY
JGFF Researcher # 66736

Subject: Kalvariya
From: Shulamit <singingsandy2004@...>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 08:15:52 -0700 (PDT)

Is anyone going to research or translate documents >from Kalvariya? So many
of us are stuck trying to locate our families back in the "old country."

Maybe all of us researching Kalvariya could chip in on a research project to
try to find records of our

Any suggestions anyone?

Sandra Levy (Jerusalem)

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