Fate of Jews in Vilna Ghetto #lithuania

Howard Margol

<< From: mordechai pelta mdpelta@...
I am trying to find out which sources I may consult to find out more
about the fate of Jews who were in the Vilna ghetto during the war. >>

The Jewish Museum in Vilnius published a two-volume book
containing extensive information about the Vilna ghetto. Also
included is the 1942 census of the Jews in the ghetto and
surrounding work camps recorded by the Nazis. All 15,300 names
of the Jews included in the census are in a database on

That will tell you who was there in 1942. What happened to all of
them may never be completely known. Thousands of them were
killed in the pits at Ponar, just outside of Vilnius. The Nazis
recorded the number of victims taken to Ponar but did not record
the names.

After World War II, Sh. Kacherginskij wrote a book, in Yiddish,
"Churben Vilne" (Destroyed Vilnius). It contained 1198 names of
Jews in Vilnius who were killed and, in most cases, where they
were killed. The book was published in Paris in 1949.

Some years ago, a Jewish woman in Vilnius translated the names
into English and, with the help of Carol Rombro Rider, I recently
obtained a list of all of the names. I am in the process of keying
all of the names into an Excel spreadsheet. It will be awhile before
the list is completed because my time is somewhat limited but it
will be done. However, there is more.

Through the fate of the genealogical Gods, I know the woman in Vilnius
who translated the names >from Yiddish to English and have been in
touch with her. She researched some of the names listed and found
additional information about them. I will send her the computerized
list and she will include the additional information.

After the list is in its completed form, it will be available through
LitvakSIG. An announcement will be made as soon as it is available.
In the meantime, please do not contact me and ask to look up names
as it will only slow the process down and I will not be able to respond
to those enquiries.

Howard Margol
President, LitvakSIG

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