occupations in second half of19th century #lithuania

Liz Miller <lizdmiller@...>


My family comes >from such a small shtetl, that I have been unable
to find very much information about KRAISK/KRAYSK, VILEIKA, VILNA, now

One of the important details I am hoping to find is "What did my
great grandparents and my grandfather do in Kraisk?" I'm sure that many
of you out there ask the same question. After coming to New York, my
grandfather, Morris(Moshe)Ruderman first was a farmer, then a Butcher
most of his life. His brother, Abe was a grocer.

So, my question is...What were most of the occupations in this area
of the country? Dolgovino is about 9 miles >from Kraisk. Maybe someone
can give me a picture of what type of work the men AND women did between

I would be very grateful for an accurate picture. Thanks.

Liz Ruderman Miller
Northridge, CA
Researching Ruderman; Cohen

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