New education course - The Jewish in Jewish Genealogy #poland

Nancy Holden

JewishGen Education will offer a new online forum - The Jewish in
Jewish Genealogy
May 1 - May 29

Genealogy is more than statistics and facts. This class will give
you a chance to understand the Jewish immigration experience and
we'll discover tricks and tips to successfully search for Jewish

With each passing generation, the torch passes to children whose
lifestyle is further >from the immigrant experience. Now we have to
dig deep in order to bring up images and voices >from the past, to
understand and recreate their lives.

This class will cover Jewish institutions in the old country and
in the U.S. It will help a researcher discover patterns and
prejudices that affected the way life was lived in the new country.
Jewish life cycles, customs and culture, origin of family names and
naming practices, assimilation and acculturation, migrations
patterns and surname mapping will be part of this study.

For this class a student will work on one immigrant family and the
town (or city) where they first settled -- New York, Chicago, St.
Louis or points west. The course includes general research tasks
and assignments to give insight into the Jewish search.

Class is taught in a *forum* setting, private to this class. The
site is open at all times for students to post. The instructor
answers posts daily. Cost is $120 for 4 weeks. The full class
description is at
To enroll go to and click on enroll.

For questions, please contact me
Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager

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