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Carol Baker

The Siauliai District Research Group (SUG) has been acquiring, translating
and distributing records >from this area since 1998. Currently we have
50,648 records on the All Lithuania Database. 4,848 additional records have
been distributed to contributors and will not appear on the ALD until late
in 2008, and more are awaiting translation. These lists are revision lists,
tax and voter lists, resident lists, etc. There are no vital records (BDM)
before 1922 available at any of the Lithuanian archives for any of the towns
in the District. They were destroyed in WWII. There may be some vital
records available after 1922 but we have not made any effort to get them.
You would do better to write directly to the archives for those records
concerning your family.

Carol Coplin Baker
SUG Coordinator

Subject: shavli
From: "Dr. Menahem Luz" <mervyn1@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 21:57:37 +0200
Could anyone tell me whether the 19th century records for Jews in the town
of shavli (Siauliai) are so few because they were destroyed
or because they have not yet been transcribed\and or published on

menahem luz

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