Shavli (Siauliai) #lithuania

Howard Margol

As far as can be determined, the following vital records for
Siauliai exist in the Lithuanian State Historical Archives (LVIA).

Births - 1882 and 1910 - 1939.
Marriage and death - 1922 - 1939.
Some years may be missing.

If sufficient funds are contributed, every effort will be made to
have the vital records translated. To be a qualified donor a
minimum contribution of $100 is required.

can make your contribution on the secure site using your credit
card. Or, if you prefer, you can mail in your credit card information
or check to the address provided. Be sure and state your donation
is for the Siauliai VRT.

While you are doing it, you could pay your 2008 dues ($36) at the same
time. For US Citizens, contribute prior to January 1 and receive a tax
deduction for 2007.

Howard Margol
President, LitvakSIG

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