Jonava Yizkor Book Many Newly Translated Chapters #lithuania

Susan Goldsmith

Dear SIG,

If you are researching family >from Jonava and also >from Kedainiai
and Kaunas, you are in for a treat with the many newly translated chapters
now online,
including photos, many of which identify the people therein.

To see the photos, go to
You can have part of your screen open to the translation of the photo
caption and part open to the NYPL site with the digitized photo. In fact,
if you recognize someone in a photo who is not identified or not fully
identified, please contact me.

Thank you to the devoted contributors to the translation effort,
several of whom have contributed more than once, more than twice... We
were able to accomplish all of this translation because of you.

We need everyone interested in Jonava to contribute in order to
translate additional chapters.

With more than 125 of us, we should be able to raise the money we
need. It is up to each of us.

The Yizkor Book tells us in great detail, with the mention of many,
many names, what our family's lives were like. It discusses relationships, employment, social and political activism, membership in numerous organizations, education, names of students and teachers. Even if your family emigrated in the late 1800s, they undoubtedly left family you may not yet know about behind.

There can be no further translation without support by landslayt.
To donate please go to

Best Regards,
Susan Goldsmith
Jonava Yizkor Book Translation Coordinator

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