The Life and Times of Ellen & Jacob Cohen: 1871-1950 (Lithuania/Pennsylvania) #lithuania


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Your LitvakSIG Online Journal is pleased to announce the e-publication of
"The Life and Times of Ellen and Jacob Cohen: 1871-1950" by Marvin L.
Simner, Ph.D.

Ellen Slasovitch Cohen was born in 1871 in Veisiejai, Lithuania, and her
husband Jacob Cohen was born in 1871 in Vilnius. In the 1890s, they
emigrated to America, where "Between the time of his arrival in 1896 and
his death in 1940, Jacob served as chazzan, mohel, and/or schochet in at
least five synagogues."

Mr. Cohen's first American appointment was in Plymouth, PA. He also
worked in Shamokin, PA, Lynchburg, VA, Charleston, SC, and Scranton, PA.
This article delves into Jewish life in Veisiejai, Lithuania, as well as
in various places in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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