Families migrating to Palestine from Kalvarija #lithuania

Edna Hoover

I've been working on the HA-LEVI ROHALD branch of our family tree
for about 7 years now. I've searched the Internet exclusively and
maintained correspondence with other researchers in Israel. To date,
I've had no luck finding records for the Kalvarija ancestors below:

1. Hanokh Henokh HA-LEVI SHUSHAN Me-Kalvaria
sp: Not Known
+-2. Rashbah Shlomoh HA-LEVI SHUSHAN Mehaber Bi'ur 'al Ha-Rambam
+-3. Hannah HA-LEVI SHUSHAN (b.Bef 1860 bu.1917?-Safed,Palestine?)
sp: Shmuel Ha-Levi ROHALD (b.Bef 1860-Safed,Palestine?

In addition, I just located the HA-LEVI, MOHLIVER, SHAPIRO & YAFEH
surnames, which appear on our ROHALD branch, in Beryl Kagan's list of
Kalvarija surnames:


According to several sources, R' Shmuel Mohliver had 2 marriages, one to
Shapiro and one to Yaffe. Now it appears that these family names are also
linked within the Kalvarija community.

1. R' Yehudah-Judah Leib-Loeb MOHILEVER (b.Bef 1809)
sp: Not Known
|-2. R' Shmuel-Samuil Lwowicz-Lejbowicz MOHILEVER-MOGILEWER
(b.1824-Glebokie (now Glubokoye),Vilna district,Lithuania d.1898 Age
| sp: Not Known (JAFFE?)
| |-3. Haya MOHILEVER (b.Between 1839-45)
| | sp: Naftali Yitshak Ha-Levi ROHALD (b.1824-Brisk,Belarus
| | |-4. Henneh-Henyah ROHALD (d.15 Mar 1948-Jerusalem,Israel)
| | | sp: Abraham Ben-Tzion Porush?/ MEISELS (a.Hebron,Palestine d.27
Dec 1901)
| | +-4. Shmuel Ha-Levi ROHALD (b.Bef 1860-Safed,Palestine?
| | sp: Hannah HA-LEVI SHUSHAN (b.Bef 1860)

1. Esther-Estera Mendelewna SHAPIRA-SZAPIRA (b.Bef 1873)
sp: R' Shmuel-Samuil Lwowicz-Lejbowicz MOHILEVER-MOGILEWER (b.1824-
Glebokie (now Glubokoye),Vilna district,Lithuania d.1898 Age 74-


Elyashiv Oren & Shmuel Even-Or, Avnei Ha-Urim: Ve-Elah Toldot Mishpakhat
Orenshtayn & Etz Ha-Mishpakhah, b.5684/1924-5759/1999?, Shalom Baskin,
Graphic Editor & Illustrations, 19 Jul 2003.

David Tidhar, Entsiklopedia le-Halutsei ha-Yishuv u-Bonav (Encyclopedia
of Pioneers), Hebrew (1947), p.154-155, p. 121.

Jewish Records Indexing-Poland JRI. "Bialystok PSA Births 1888-1903
Marriages 1887-1903Deaths 1888-90,92-94,97-1900,02,
MOGILEWER Samuil Lwowicz 1888 M Akt 62
SZAPIRA Estera Mendelewna 1888 M Akt 62.
MOGILEWER Samuil Lejbowicz 1898 D Akt 143."

Any possible leads would be greatly appreciated...

"Edna Hoover"
B'klyn NY

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