Call for Proposals IAJGS 2016 Conference #poland

Janette Silverman <cochairs@...>

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies announces
an invitation to submit lecture, workshop, and panel proposals for the
36th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, locally hosted
by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State. The conference
will be held at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel in Seattle, Washington from
August 7 to 12, 2016.

We seek proposals relevant to the interests of all genealogists
researching Jewish ancestors. In addition to proposals for lectures,
proposals for workshops or panel discussions are also welcome. New
presentations are encouraged, as are presentations and workshops that
provide practical research methodologies that will help conference
participants in their research. Highly original topics that will attract
participants will also be given special consideration.

The major focus of the Conference will be on Jewish migration, with a
general theme of "Westward Ho." General topics for presentations will
include European Jewry, migrations to the United States, migration of
American Jewry across America, and Jews in the Western United States. A
special geographic focus will be programming based on our branches in
Australia, South America, and South Africa.

Other focus areas are technology in support of genealogical research and
ethical considerations in genealogy. A special focus at this Conference
will be the Sephardic experience in America, in all of its varied aspects.

Presentations and panel discussions will be 75 minutes, which includes
15 minutes reserved for questions and answers. There is also an option,
this year, for shorter presentations of 45 or 60 minutes, including 15
minutes for questions and answers.

All proposals must be submitted using the Conference website
(, under the Program tab. In addition to basic
demographic and biographic information about the speaker(s), proposals
must include the presentation title, a brief description of the
presentation and target audience level,

The deadline form submission of proposals is December 15, 2015!
Submitters of proposals will be notified by email no later than February
15, 2016 as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted. You may
contact the Program Committee at program@... with any
questions or comments.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and thank you for your
interest in our Conference.

Janette Silverman
Phyllis Grossman
Chuck Weinstein
Conference Co-Chairs

36th Annual IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy
Seattle, WA
August 7-12, 2016

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