sewing machines et al! #lithuania

Malcolm Courtney <malcolm.courtney@...>

I have been fascinated by the articles by Anne Rabinowitz. My grandmother
(of Latvian birth, but Lithuanian father who was a tailor, and a Prussian
mother)had all the paraphernalia Anne has referred to: the brass candles,
pestle and mortar (originally owned by her own mother), Singer sewing
machine which seemed permanently in use and now buttons!! My Grandma, my
mother and now me too all have had button boxes. They have been a source
of great pleasure to my sister and I, my children and now my grandchildren.
All would rather play with my buttons than anything else-toys included. I
have come to the conclusion that this must be genetically programmed into
us all!!

I just thought having buttons was what most households did-and had no idea
just how many Jewish households were the owners of these wonderful playthings
Brought up as a Christian and only discovering my Jewish identity later
in my teenage years I often wondered why none of my friends' Mums
had button boxes or tins-maybe now I understand!

Geraldine Courtney

Researching MARK/MARKA, KLINK, YACOBSON Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia,


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