LitvakSIG Vital Records Translation Project - Recent progress for Vilna & Suwalki gubernias #lithuania

Joel Ratner

Over the summer, the Vital Records Translation Project [Vilna & Suwalki
gubernias.] has received translations for the following towns:

Kudirkos Naumiestis [filmed records completed; non-filmed records being






We have recently translated the filmed vital records for Gelvan and
Balbieriskis as well.

Additional birth records for Butrimonys [1881 - 1914] have also been sent
for translation.

This is a significant amount of activity, especially considering most of it
took place over the summer months.

Going forward, the project is in a state whereby we have spent down the
balances for most towns. We require significant additional funding to
continue the translations as well as begin translation work
for those towns which have little or no funding at all.

Now is a great time to contribute because the translation queue is
disappearing quickly.

I will be happy to answer questions regarding the status of any particular
Vilna or Suwalki gubernia shtetl with regards to vital records.

Joel Ratner

MODERATOR'S NOTE: To contribute to further translations of vital records
for these -- or other -- towns, go to and click on
"Become a Contributor." Find the section for Vital Records and list the
name of the town for which the vital records contribution is being made.

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