Re: Lithuania census after 1918 #lithuania

Deena Berton <deena.berton@...>

Carol, if you are looking for the 1923 Census of Lithuania, I suggest you
explore the Record Group 2 Collection at the YIVO Institute for Jewish
Research in New York. A number of years ago, I found what appeared to be a
list of residents and another list which was a street by street listing in
this collection for my family shtetl, Pikeliai.

If you read the article I wrote, which was published by the LitvakSIG Online
Journal, you will see my notes about the census list I found.

Here is the LitvakSIG Online Journal article link:

Deena Berton

Please see the reference to the 1923 census in Lithuania, in the
middle of the page

The census took place over 17-23 September 1923. Only currently
resident population was registered..."

Carol Hoffman, Tel Aviv

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