LANDSMAN from Jonava (plus GRINBLATT, KARMEL, KLIORFAIN) #lithuania

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My great-grandfather Abram LANDSMAN (born c.1855?) was the son of Girsh
LANDSMAN according to an 1894 Vilna birth record
for a son of Abram that indicated Abram came >from nearby Paberze.

In searching those names, I've found than many (if not most) LANDSMAN
from the greater Vilna area were originally >from Bagaslaviskis. In
particular, one Girsh LANDSMAN (family >from Bagaslaviskis) had a number
of children in Jonava, 3 of whom had the name Abram in one form or
another (Abram Leib died at age 17 in 1891, Abram
Yakov died as an infant in 1899, Abram Ruvvin was born in 1909). Even
more interesting is that this Girsh's wife was Basa Jenta GRINBLATT and an
old family photo album shows a mysterious 'Aunt GREENBLATT' whom no one
alive remembers. Very likely we are related in some manner.

Known marriages of children of this Girsh include Reiza (married Israel
KARMEL) and Mordkhel (married Raiklia KLIORFAIN).

If this sounds familiar, please contact me privately at

Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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