10000 new vital records just added for Kaunas Gubernia to the ALD #lithuania

Aaron Roetenberg

The following vital records for Kedian, Kedian rabbinate, Vabalninkas
and other towns in Kaunas Gubernia have been added to the vital records
database and are now searchable in the All Lithuania Database (ALD)
at www.litvaksig.org
or http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Lithuania/

The total record count added was more than 10,000 records. The vital
records database total is close to 115,000 records.

Many nearby towns are included in addition to the towns listed.
Please try a new search for your surnames.

To receive an Excel file with translations of all vital records for a
particular town requires a minimum contribution of $100 for each town.
To contribute to the vital records project, please go to:
www.litvaksig.org and click on Become a Contributor. Feel free
to use your credit card as the site is secure. Be sure and specify your
contribution is for Vital records (VRT) and the name of the town.

Aaron Roetenberg
Coordinator - Vital records for Kaunas Gubernia

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