Identification of a revolutionary society on Viewmate #lithuania

Nicole BERLINE <nberline@...>

Dear Litvaksig friends

My great grand father Salomon Elie BERLIN was born in Derechin (now
Belarus) on 23 november 1857.

I posted on Viewmate a photograph which was taken in Kovno , around
1880. The photo shows Salomon (top right) together with three
colleagues about whom we know nothing. The handwriting in French on the
back side simply states that Salomon is top right. In the hands of one
of his colleagues is a file showing, in cyrillic characters, ODRR.

Would anyone know what these letters stand for ?

We have indications that it could be the acronym of a revolutionary
organisation active around that period of time.

To see the viewmate photo, you may click on the link

The photo will stay on viewmate for 7 days.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and best regards.

Nicole BERLINE, Paris.

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