Jewish Institutions - Kovno Ghetto #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Following my prior post about Jewish orphanages, and the one in Kaunas in
particular, several people wrote and asked about the location, etc. A
reference to Jewish institutions as of July 10, 1941 is found in the
document: "Memorandum submitted to the Lithuanian municipality of Kovno
by the Jewish committee in Kovno, concerning the suburb of Slobodka-the
planned area for the Ghetto."

The document is mentioned in the book "Surviving the Holocaust" by
Avraham Tory, Martine Gilbert, Dina Porat and Jerzy Michalowicz,
Pages 15-16.

Here is the list:

Jewish Hospital, 3 Jakstu Street
Jewish Orphanage, 15 Fire Brigade Street
Jewish Home for the Aged, 15 Puskos Street
Well-known restaurant, 10 Mapu Street
Jewish Community Centers, 14 Rotuse Square and 12 Luksio Street
Mikvah, 3 Luksio Street
Hebrew Gymnasium, 25 Nieman Embankment
Talmud Torah School, 17 Ugnagesiu Street
Jewish Clinic, 7 Pilies Street
ORT School, 86 Jonavos Street
OZE Jewish Health Organization, 1 Misku Street
Jewish Central Bank for the Support of Cooperatives, 76 Laisves Boulevard

Ann Rabinowitz

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