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Howard Margol

<< From: "Eli Goldstein" < eligold@... >
What percentage of Internal Passports have been stored in the Internal
Passports database? Is it possible that there still may be large amounts
of information in the archives not yet transcribed? >>

About 50% of the internal passport records have been translated so it
will require about $50,000 in contributions for the remaining internal
passport records to be translated. Even if the necessary funds were
available right now, which is not the case, it would take at least 2
or 3 years to translate the remainder of the files.

Of the internal passport records that have been translated, about 70% of
them are in the database. Translated records are added to the database
12 to 15 months after I receive them. To receive the internal passport
records as they are translated, a $100 contribution is required for a
specific town or district. To contribute, go to and
click on Become a Contributor.

Following is an up-to-date index of the internal passport records that
have been translated. Not all of these records are in the database as yet.

Birzai - 2,608 records (Completed)
Jonava - 840 records (Completed)
Kaunas (City) - 27,656 records (Completed)
Kaunas Uyezd - 3,846 records (Completed)
Kretinga Uyezd - 131 records (Completed)
Naujamiestis - 261 records (Completed)
Panevezys - 7,860 records (IN PROGRESS)
Pumpenai - 245 records (Completed)
Rokiskis - 187 records (Completed)
Rozalimas - 67 records (Completed)
Seinai Uyezd - (includes Kapciamiestis and Lazdijai) - 453 records
Siauliai Uyezd (including City of Siauliai) - 4,020 records (IN PROGRESS)
Telsiai Uyezd - 1,623 records (Completed)
Troskunai - 504 records (Completed)
Ukmerge - 1,377 records (IN PROGRESS)
Vandziogala and surrounding area - 694 records (Completed

Other towns and districts to be translated.
Taurage District
Trakai District
Vilnius City
Klaipedai City
Zarasiai City
Alytus District
Marijampole District
Utena City

To learn about internal passports, and to see examples of various
documents found in the individual files, go to

The database can be searched there or >from the All Lithuania Database.

Howard Margol
Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

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