LANDSMAN, CHORNY (from Paberze, Vilna) #lithuania

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I'm slowly homing in on my LANDSMAN family >from Vilna. Earlier this
year I found my first ever vital record listing my great-grandparents
Abram and Feiga (bat Eliasz FINBERG >from Gelvan) LANDSMAN in Vilna
for a previously unknown sibling of my grandmother (presumably this
child died young).

Key information was that the family was said to have come >from Paberzhe
and that Abram's father was named Girsh.

I have just today discovered that Abram died in 1915 in Vilna at age 69,
with the record again saying he had come >from Paberzhe. Previously I had
bracketed his death between 1914 (when my grandmother's brother emigrated)
and 1920 (when my father was named for him).

At this point I have not found the birth records of my grandmother or
any of her brothers/sisters in the 1880s and 1890s, so am now assuming these
were most likely in Paberzhe and hopefully reside in the untranslated BMD
records that cover 1881+.

One more clue, once pointed towards Paberzhe, is the 1851 revision list
which shows a Girsh LANTZMAN (son of Morduhk, age not given) living with
a CHORNY family, Iovnash ben Eliasz and his wife Shora bat Girsh. I assume
that Shora is the daughter of Girsh and that Girsh was living with his
son-in-law. Since the CHORNY's were ages 37/36, I assume Girsh was 55
or older in 1851. Given the age differences, it is not clear if this Girsh
is the father of Abram or not. I have found almost 20 different Girsh
LANDSMAN in the Vilna area, so this is a very common given name in the

If any of the sounds familiar, please contact me privately at

Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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