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David Rubin

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The records span 1883 - 1900 all in Pakroujis Panevezys, in each case the
mother is Mere Leya or Mere Leah, the father variously appears as Binel,
Binel Orel, Benyamin Aron and Benyamin Orel,

Any question you have about names can usually be answered by going to
the JG Given Names Data base at:

In the European-To-Foreigh Search field set the name to Lithuania:
Note that the SearchName field will accept a wildcard of *. But
in this case you can enter Benyamin and then Aron and you would
see that Orl and Binl are some of the many Yiddish Nicknames.
Hopefully this answers you current question and any future name

David Rubin and Mrs. Rubin

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