Panemune Vital Records #lithuania

Jeff Marx

Bill Yoffee asked for sources of vital records for Panemune (Aukstoji

I would humbly suggest that my Shetlinks site for Panemune is the
best single source currently available to check out Panemune sources.
If one goes to the site, there is an extensive bibliography on works
which mention Panemune. In addition, if one clicks on the section
devoted to inhabitants of Panemune, the footnotes, there, give details
as to all the currently available sources for vital record
information. (A good chunk of them, by the way, are available through
the LitvakSig vital records program.)

Bill's assumption that this part of Suwalki Gubernia appears to have
become part of Kovna Gubernia is not correct. Panemune always was
part of Suwalki Gubernia. However, its location just across the river
from Kovno and hence on the border between the two Gubernias,
resulted, at times, in vital records information about some Panemune
inhabitants being recorded in Kovno records. (If one goes to the
JewishGen Sig List Message Archives and types in "Panemune", you'll
find there a small essay I did, entitled: "Borders: A Meta-Comment on
Alexota" in which I explore research issues involving border towns).

Jeff Marx

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