Re: 1911 uk census #lithuania

M. Lewis Luz <mervyn1@...>

like many of you i spent many frustrating months and no little credits
hunting through the 1911 UK census ( for relatives
who made it >from Lithuania to UK early in the century - two things became
apparent only gradually and my difficulties may help those just setting
out to use this census:

unlike the 1901 and earlier census many non-naturalised Jews put under
nationality "Hebrew" rather than Russian, German etc and we all know how
the enumerators of the 1901 census often entered German for any Yiddish
speaking family wherever they came from.

Advice then is enter 'Hebrew' as a keyword if all else fails.
second point is be prepared for terrible mistakes in the searchable
transcription - only after months of used credits did i find my grgr
grandfather because the transcription entered him as 99 instead of 66 as
clearly entered in the photo of the census itself - any search for less
than 99 led nowhere till i found him by chance - another relative was
entered under the family name of his adopted daughter although his
surname was clearly in the picture of the record itself! are happy to correct this when you point these mistakes
though this does not help at the time of the search. Advice then is search
under every possible contingency if the obvious does not pop up at the
beginning. Happy hunting.

menahem luz

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