Re: Bella/Bila BRANDEIS #austria-czech


Our family records are contradictory. Please excuse my uncertainty.

I am looking for my ggggm, Bella/Bila BRANDEIS who was reported to have been
born in Fuerth (Bavaria), probably between 1766 and 1786. Family records
are contradictory.

She was married to Jona ben Menachem of Ermreuth, Bavaria (d. Ermreuth
1815), and in 1806 bore him one son, Emanuel/Menachem Loeb/Arjeh. It is possible
that she died in childbirth (in Ermreuth, 1806).

She is reported to have been married twice. One report says she was earlier
married to a man named Brandeis >from Fuerth. Another that she survived her
husband Jona ben Menachem of Ermreuth, and then, after 1815, married a second
time, perhaps a Brandeis, perhaps in Fuerth.

Is anyone familiar with a Brandeis family that lived in Central or Upper
Franconia (Mittelfranken, Oberfranken) that might fit this report?

Michael Bernet

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