Re: The BRANDEIS family of Jung Bunzlau: Powidl and Purim, 1731 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I found a reference to this "Powidl Purim" in the on-line Jewish Encyclopedia,
but yesterday the url was not accessible:

As luck would have it, this morning after my posting has appeared, I could open
it! You can find indexed under "Povidl Brandeis" - nb the spelling "Povidl".

It does not add much to the story - except that the victim of TB [not
powidl-poisoning!] was a book-binder and the case was heard in a court in Prague.
This makes me wonder if the legal documents still exist in the Jewish Museum in
Prague or perhaps non-Jewish legal archives?

The academic references are:

1. M. Grunwald, Povidl-Purim in Jung-Bunziau [sic!], in Berliner's Magazin,
xv. 191-196;
2. ??ar ?ob, 1888, pp. 3-5; [does this mean as above?]
3. D. Simonsen, in Monatsschrift, xxxviii. 527;
4. M. Steinschneider, Purim und Parodie, in Monatsschrift, xlvii. 285, No. 15.D

I have no access to the ancient Berliner's Magazin and Monatschrifften so it
would be wonderful if someone could do the research.

And is David BRANDEIS' famous powidl megillah still around? If so, where would
we find it?

re the BRANDEIS famiy: I had searched the Jewishgen and SIG message archives
before posting and noted David Bernet's German BRANDEIS forebears.

Unfortunately, I do not know anything about possible BRANDEIS family links with
Jung Bunzlau and Franconia and Bavaria. It would be wonderful if delicious
Bohemian powidl could provide a genealogical clue!

Celia Male [UK]

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