Has anyone heard of the Isaakovskaya or Isakovsky Colony before? #poland

Daniel Eig <dtolman@...>

With the new release of records >from Bialystok, several volunteers
on Viewmate (who have my eternal gratitude) found that my
Bialystoker ancestors (Epstein/Eckstein and possibly Rogal/Topilski)
apparently came originally >from the Isaakovskaya/Isaovsky Colony
of the Sokolka district sometime before 1890.

Sokolka is a county outside of Bialystok - so presumably it was
located near there - but I can't find any reference to this
"colony" anywhere online.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be referring to?

If anyone could point me to a map of the Sokolka district in
the late 1800s, it would also be appreciated! I'm not clear on
what its borders consisted of back then...

Daniel Eig

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