Ritz family Dusiat Jewish Cemetary Records #lithuania

Jan Thomsen <jan.thomsen@...>

Hi Everyone,

I have been looking for burial records >from the Jewish cemetary in
Dusiat, Lithuania.

But apparently nothing is recorded for Dusiat. On the yizkor book
site I have seen a book on Dusiat, which refers to the Jewish cemetery,
and I have seen some data on the internet >from a family that has
visited the cemetary to find the graves of family members.
But apparently nothing is available on JOWBR >from Dusiat, or on any
other site for that matter.

I am trying to find the burial of Echiel/Yechiel Berkowitch Ritz,
who died in 1882 in Dusiat, according to a Danish police report
filed in connection with one of his sons naturalization as a
Danish citizen. The maiden name of Echiel's wife was Hane
Berkowitch Beman/Berman.

They had at least three sons: Mowscha Leibe Ritz, Markel Itzyk Ritz,
and Sholom Ritz. Mowscha, who is a direct ancestor of my son, died
in Worcester, MA, US in 1918 >from the Spanish flu, while Markel
married Sara Tzira Berkowna, and later settled in Denmark and
became a succesful businessman, who died in in 1960.
Sholom probably emigrated to US, as he was a signee on his
brother's US death certificate.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with information on
the burial of Echiel & Hane Ritz (most likely in Dusiat), and/or
their ancestors. I presume the "Berkowitch" middlename implies
that they both had fathers called Berko ?

Jan Thomsen

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