Dusiat Jewish Cemetary Records #lithuania

Howard Margol

< From: Jan Thomsen jan.thomsen@rh.regionh.dk
I have been looking for burial records >from the Jewish cemetary in
Dusiat, Lithuania. But apparently nothing is recorded for Dusiat. >

Dusiat is actually Dusetos. A complete index of existing Jewish vital
records is available on the LitvakSIG Members Only web site -
To become a member, and access the web site, $36 annual dues is required.
For Dusetos, only the vital records for 1922-1926 still exist. Since Jan is
looking for a much earlier period, I am afraid those records may not be of
any help.

Dusetos was in the Zarasai District and the Zarasai District Research
Group may have already translated other types of records that may be very
helpful in finding information about one's ancestors. To become a member
of the Zarasai DRG, and have access to all of the translated records for the
entire district, a contribution of $100 to LitvakSIG is required. Many times,
researchers find records of their ancestors in neighboring towns instead of
the specific town they are researching. To contribute, go to
www.litvaksig.org and click on join/contribute Feel free to use your credit
card as the site is secure.

Howard Margol
LtvakSIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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