Different names - same person? #lithuania

Denise Fletcher <dfletcheroz@...>

I have located two Vital Records references to my late grandmother,
Leah Fletcher (Fleiserine / Fleysher). One is her internal passport
record, which lists her maiden name as Binsky, which is what we've
always believed it to be. However, I've subsequently found the birth
record for one of my uncles (born in 1925), and here her maiden name
is listed as Vainsteinyte [Vainshtein]. We have no knowledge of her
having been married before, and the internal passport record is from
1920, when she was already married to my grandfather, Benjamin
Fletcher (Binjominas Fleseris /Beniamin Flesher) Can anyone shed any
light on this discrepancy and any possible reasons for it? The family
lived in Balberieskis (Balberishok).

Thanks & regards
Denise Fletcher
Sydney, Australia

Researching: Fletcher (Fleiseras / Fleysher) and Novozhenetz.

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